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Pacem in Terris Press is the publishing service of the Pacem in Terris Ecological Initiative.

Both the Press and the Initiative are projects of Pax Romana / Catholic Movement for Intellectual & Cultural Affairs USA, whose members form part of the nearly century-old worldwide movement of lay Catholic intellectuals, professionals, and university students.

"Pacem in Terris" is a Latin phrase meaning "Peace on Earth." We understand this phrase to mean peace in justice -- both socially on Earth and ecologically with Earth, as well as in a manner transcending Modernity's reductionist-materialist ideologies. 

In addition, we understand the social and ecological grounding of authentic justice and peace to be ultimately spiritual.    

We have dedicated Pacem in Terris Press to the prayerful and humble service of an authentically postmodern global ecological renaissance, at once artistic, intellectual, and spiritual, and developed in loving dialogue with world religions and people of good will.

We pray that this postmodern global ecological renaissance, hopefully to be guided by the Holy Spirit, will serve the emergence of both a regenerative postmodern global ecological civilization and a regenerative postmodern ecological world church.

We hope and pray that the emerging world church and the emerging global civilization will both promote the integral-ecological regeneration of life -- for our global human family in all stages and circumstances of life, and for our wider global family of creatures across the entire ecosystem of our loving Creator's beloved garden-planet Earth.

We have named both Pacem in Terris Press and the Pacem in Terris Global Leadership Ecumenical Initiative after Saint John XXIII's famous 1963 encyclical letter "Pacem in Terris."

John wrote that letter in response to the terrifying Cuban Missile Crisis, which nearly caused thermonuclear devastation for much of life on planet Earth. (Behind the scenes, John played a key role in avoiding that catastrophe.)

In his 1963 "Pacem in Terris" letter, John praised the role of the United Nations in its search for justice and peace for the entire human family. In 2012 on the eve of the letter's 50th anniversary, Pax Romana / Cmica-usa co-sponsored symposium at the United Nations to celebrate John's prophetic message as even more relevant today.

In "Pacem in Terris," and in his other great encyclical letter "Mater et Magistra" ("Mother and Teacher" published in 1961), John urged the human family to create a new social order that would be based on cooperative economics and rural sustainability and that would transcend modern reductionist-materialist ideologies.

All publications by Pacem in Terris Press are directly or indirectly liked to the search for a regenerative global civilization as called for by John in both his encyclical letters.

Through Pacem in Terris Press, as part of the Pacem in Terris Ecumenical Initiative, we seek the integral-ecological regeneration of life's interwoven natural, social, and spiritual fabric especially as seen through the wisdom tradition of  Catholic Social Teaching and other important spiritual wisdom traditions of our human family.